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Will Advertisers Even Be Able to Note the Shift in Data Charging Practices?

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transparencyInteresting. However, the questions still remain; “Advertisers, are your agency partners providing invoicing, whether theirs or their vendors, with DSP/ exchange/ publisher costs data costs from net media expense? Is this detail provided by your agency partners on the media authorization forms presented for your approval prior to placing the buy?

If the answer to these questions is “no” then the concept of whether or not data charges are CPM or commission based may not be of consequence to you. Why” Because there is a good chance that the potential “savings” will be absorbed by others in the digital media chain, leaving you with no measurable improvement in working media.

Advertisers should demand that programmatic buys be placed on a cost-disclosed basis, providing direct line of site into all costs (net media, agency campaign management fees, data fees, ad tech fees, etc.) related to their programmatic digital media buys. Read More