Click-to-Conversion rates measure an ad’s effectiveness…

How is your agency’s effectiveness measured?

Your customers are online – are you efficiently reaching them?

For most organizations, this involves working with a digital advertising agency and utilizing automated media placements. While click-through rates and ROI tend to indicate the effectiveness of your online ad performance, how do you assess the efficiency of your online investments? How is your investment being protected from fraudsters? What type of technology resources are being deployed by your agency partners to optimize the viewability of your ads in brand-safe, relevant environments? What percentage of your digital media investment actually makes it to the publisher? AARM analysis provides for a clear understanding of agency value based upon services rendered and fees charged. Knowledge of the online space, including search engine marketing and programmatic, has resulted in streamlined client processes and in million$ of savings. Let AARM help you build and reinforce a foundation of effective financial controls and transparent agency relationships. An audit includes an independent review of all agency agreements, as well as:

  • Digital Media Billing Reconciliation & Assurance Review
  • Agency Related Party Compliance Testing
  • Evaluation of Ad fraud prevention tools and processes
  • Interactive Agency Fee Authentication
  • Digital Agency Agreement Completeness and best practice language enhancements
  • Media Performance, Process and Financial Controls Review

Transparency, understanding and financial controls are the most efficient ways to enhance your agency relationship while maximizing your digital advertising investment.

Uniquely Qualified.

AARM’s experience and subject matter expertise uniquely qualifies us to audit your interactive marketing vendors:

Digital Media Audit