Do you know how your

Consumer engagement funds are utilized?

Key areas analyzed during an AARM audit include:

  • Engagement Event Reconciliation Procedures & Billing Assurance
  • Cost Tracking and Transparency Processes
  • Cost Containment and Validation Testing (Food & Beverage, Hotel, Transportation, Labor, Event Venues)
  • Event Registration and Sponsorship Revenue Tracking and Control

Realize the benefits of enhanced financial clarity and control with your experiential marketing investment when you work with AARM.

Event Budget Tracking & Expense Verification

You invested significantly to connect with and engage your target audience in a live, face-to-face manner.  The question to be asked is: “Do you know if the investment was cost effective? It is impossible to answer that question by looking at agency invoices. Only upon deep analysis of agency labor and cost data will the answer become clear.

As experts, we analyze experiential marketing expenses to determine exactly the goods and services procured by your agency across the spectrum of events you’ve chosen to engage with people in a face-to-face manner to connect your brands:

  • Conferences and Trade Shows
  • Auto Shows
  • Events
  • Sponsorships
  • In-store Experiences
  • Demonstrations
  • Test Drives
  • Kiosks

Unique knowledge and a rigorous approach enable us to deliver tangible benefits including improved processes and visibility into your experiential marketing activity so that you know the answer to the question, “What did I buy?”

A Team of Experts

AARM has significant experience auditing experiential marketing expenditures for many of the worlds leading advertisers. As a result of our review process, experiential marketers have implemented cost controls that have lead to full transparency of event processes, expenditures and millions of dollars in future savings.

Event Audit