What if you could save 1-2% of marketing expenditures

through error identification and improved processes?

“We don’t get a chance to do that many things, and everyone should be really excellent. Because this is our life.” ~ Steve Jobs

Imagine the impact extra money will have on your business.

Inspire and implement solutions. Corporate shareholders and stakeholders view Marketing and Advertising Finance as a “black box.” Millions are paid to agencies with minimal client-side review and reliance on unchecked agency accounting practices and reporting. AARM strives to make the financial side of working with marketing and advertising vendors transparent by applying “targeted solutions” and providing new knowledge to clients. The advertiser benefits from improved financial flows and expenditure efficiency throughout the entire process.

AARM service delivery is derived from careers in client-side marketing, the knowledge gained by building a global advertising audit practice, experience in agency-side accounting departments, and results provided by the proprietary state of the art technology, AArmor CAI Analytics™. Our technology ensures a 100% review and analysis of marketing information and is unparalleled in the industry. AARM empowers management to better understand and monitor the performance of core marketing and advertising partner activities, ensuring adequate levels of financial control.

audit services

Agreement Review

Does your advertising agreement represent your best interests?

We review your existing contracts, identify missing or ambiguous contract terms, provide testing methodologies and guidelines to ensure compliance, and suggest improved contract language to enhance your future advertising relationship and reduce financial exposure.

Billing Compliance

Do production and media payments match up to agency expenditures?

We review agency billings including third-party costs to ensure compliance, verify discount and rebate opportunities are taken, and review actual job cost to budget.

Fee Reconciliation

Do the numbers tie out? Are guidelines being adhered to?

We audit billed hours and costs, test overhead rates and profitability parameters, and review staffing plans to actual activity to confirm that fees were appropriately accounted for and billed.

Consulting Services

Does your advertising agreement represent your best interests?

We have deep expertise in non-audit services including:

  • Agency Agreement Review
  • Internal Audit Process Review
  • Risk Based Audit Prioritization