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With effort, your marketing investment can be made safely, within control parameters, and with minimal risk to stakeholders.
No need to overpay your marketing agencies, pay them fairly. AARM services help clients protect their marketing investment through comprehensive examinations of financial practices and agency activity.
The process provides solutions to mitigate existing financial gaps in client-agency transactions and significantly improves marketing investment effectiveness.

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Join our community of global advertisers who seek marketing investment transparency and improved stewardship.

Our Promise

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Ensure Compliance

Repair, don’t replace. We help Demystify the financial relationship between client and marketing agency partner. This allows for lasting, best practice based, financial processes that stands up to scrutiny.

marketing investment

Mitigate Risk & Improve Controls

Imagine. Improve. Each existing AARM Client acquires a solid understanding of their advertising investment transactions, improved agency stewardship, better fiscal control and a reduced risk of overpayment vs. agency agreements.

marketing investment

Improve Process

Our clients are engaged in a collective effort to bring thought leadership, improved agency and third-party vendor financial management and immediate risk mitigation. Engagements result in future savings and stronger sustainable client-agency relationships.

Our Process

We review your existing contracts, identify missing or ambiguous contract terms, provide testing methodologies and guidelines to ensure compliance, and suggest improved contract language to enhance your future advertising relationship and reduce financial exposure.

We review agency billings including third-party costs to ensure compliance, verify discount and rebate opportunities are taken, and review actual job cost to budget.

We audit billed hours and costs, test overhead rates and profitability parameters, and review staffing plans to actual activity to confirm that fees were appropriately accounted for and billed.

AARM maintains deep expertise in advertising control environments, systems, fraud, and accounting practices. These audit-complimentary services benefit advertisers in areas such as; agency compensation analysis, agency fee and time reconciliation, agency services agreement improvement, internal audit assistance, marketing network risk profiling and agency transition audits.