Evolving Role of AdTech in Programmatic Inventory Curation

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Supply Chain OptimizationThe following article from Digiday focuses on AdTech companies and their role in the curation of premium inventory for advertisers with the advent of fewer third-party cookies. This dynamic is particularly true on the open web, outside of private marketplaces and the safety of programmatic guaranteed deals. 

The author posits that “Knowing where to find the best inventory for specific business goals is becoming table stakes for some of the largest stakeholders in AdTech.”  This has led to a flurry of alliances between agency holding companies, trading desks, DSPs and SSPs to provide better, more affordable advertiser access to quality, targeted impressions. These efforts and a rethinking of current business models could lead to contraction and disintermediation in the AdTech market sector. 

As a result, AdTech players are looking for ways to establish compelling value proposition that translate into defensible competitive positions. Tom Triscari, an Economist at consulting firm Lemonade Projects states; “Today, media agencies own accounts payable to publishers, but what if DSPs like Trade Desk encroach on this coveted accounting territory?” We believe the more appropriate questions is “What if advertisers were to pay publishers and media sellers on a direct basis?”

If advertisers were to rethink the estimated billing model and seek to reduce the number of intermediaries between them and the media sellers the impact on the supply chain would be profound. We believe that such a strategy that would improve transparency, generate multiple financial benefits and improve controls, while mitigating risks for advertisers  Read More