When Does the Money Spent on Creative Become an Extremely Good Value?

creating brilliant advertisingGuest article by Marek Lis, Owner/ Founder of Alchemy Insights

Brilliant advertising is one of the most cost effective ways to create value. The compounding effect of better performance each time the ads appear is a kind of “butterfly effect” resulting in and huge returns on investment. That is, as long as you can create brilliant ads. 

Then, what is the secret? 

In this video we explore the secret ingredients to producing truly great advertising. In it we interview Steve Hayden who was responsible for Apple’s famous “1984” spot that launched the Mac. “Stop The World in its Tracks” is the story behind the making of that great ad and how advertisers can create the right conditions for brilliant advertising. We think you will find the video to be both extremely useful and enjoyable Watch Video 

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