Marketers Reassessing Use of Digital Agencies

By May 15, 2010 November 20th, 2017 Advertisers, Advertising Agencies, Digital Media

online mediaInvestments in digital marketing have grown significantly over the last several years.  In addition, there have been unprecedented improvements in technology platforms and applications to support the effective and efficient distribution of messaging via digital channels, fuel an expansion in data analytics and targeting capabilities, speed the deployment of web-based tools to enhance B2B and B2C marketing efforts, etc… As a result of these trends and CMOs desire to drive value within their marketing vendor networks, they are evaluating the potential to shore up their internal resources and capabilities in preparation for transitioning portions of their digital activities to in-house teams.

And why not?  Client organizations drive strategy, manage integrated go-to-market strategies, own the databases that fuel targeting and resource allocation decision making and are highly sensitized to their businesses needs and opportunities.  CMOs clearly sense that they have the potential to streamline their marketing vendor networks, drive costs down and build their in-house competencies as a means of delivering enterprise value and in-market success.

This does not signal the end for digital agencies. Quite the contrary, many digital agencies recognize the economic and market forces driving these decisions and are working hand in hand with their clients to facilitate the transition of select tasks to in-house environments, assisting in the sourcing and training of client personnel and helping to redefine their roles in the digital value chain … Read More.

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